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Every pet seen at our Battery Hill clinic receives a detailed examination. During this examination we work through problems and assess general health of your pet. We see pets for a range of ailments including skin disease, lameness, vomiting, coughing, osteoarthritis, obstetrics and many more.

Veterinary Laborotory Services


At Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic we offer in-house laborotory services including cytology (looking at cells), blood testing, urine testing and faecal testing. For more advanced blood testing and other pathology services we can submit samples to external laborotories with results returning often within 1-3 days depending on the test.


Soft Tissue & Orthopaedic Surgery

From stitch-ups and lump removals, desexings and airway surgeries to treatment of cruciate ligament rupture and broken bones we offer these surgical services at our Battery Hill Clinic. In some cases referral will be offered if we feel it in the best interest of your pet.



Dental disease is a prevalent problem amongst our pets and ranges from smelly breath to severe periodontal disease. We have the facilities at our Battery Hill practice to assess and treat a wide range of dental conditions. We also offer free dental checks for our patients.

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Radiology & Ultrasonography

We are very fortunate that we have excellent diagnostic facilities at our Battery Hill Practice and we can perform Radiology (X-rays) and Ultrasonography on site! In some cases of more complexity we will still refer patients to our local specialists.

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Emergency Care

All of our patients are referred to dedicated Emergency Facilities during the hours that we are not available or if they need overnight hospitalisation and treatment. We know that they will be in good hands and will be well looked after. Follow the link below for more information: 


Other services

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We offer a wide range of other services including but not limited to: 
- Microchipping
- Hospitalisation
- Reproductive services including pregnancy ultrasounds, X-ray's and discounted litter rates

- Free dental checks

- Free puppy and kitten checks 
- Sale of prescription food and preventative products
- Sale of shampoos and grooming products

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