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Battery Hill Veterinary ClinicBattery Hill Veterinary Clinic is a full service companion animal clinic providing a broad spectrum of treatments and procedures. The clinic is a small animal medicine and surgery clinic. The veterinary surgeon is a Sydney University graduate with over forty years experience. The clinic offers personalised pet care to owners and their pets. The surgery is run by one veterinarian Dr. Ernie Young and one nurse Annette Cochrane.

Dr. Ernie Young graduated from Sydney University Veterinary School in 1974 after attending Hurlstone Agricultural High School, Glenfield. His first two positions were at Wellington and Kiama, He moved to Sydney in 1977 and purchased Bass Hill veterinary Hospital in 1979. He ran Bass Hill until he sold in 2002. He then did veterinary locums in Canberra and New South Wales. From July 2011 till July 2013 he leased Montville and Sunshine Hinterland Veterinary Clinics.

From July 2014 he opened and ran Animals at Pelican Waters at Pelican Waters for one year. Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic was opened on 26th October 2015. Ernie is a keen sportsman and is often seen on the tennis court. He has been playing in Tennis Seniors events throughout Australia during the last fifteen years.

Both Ernie and Annette have many tennis playing friends on the coast. Ernie played many sports at University and represented Central West Rugby Union in the early 70s. Dr. Young is a member of the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce and attends most functions. He is also an active member of the sunshine coast business group that meets each thursday morning. Ernie and Annette live in Bellvista and are active members of the community there.

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We’re pleased to offer the following services in our
Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic:

Dentistry ■ Cat and Dog Vaccinations ■ Health Checks ■ Intestinal Worming ■ Heartworm Prevention ■ Flea and Tick Control ■ Hospitalised Treatments ■ Routine Surgeries ■ Small Animal Medicine and Surgery ■ Preventative Medicine ■ Clinical Pathology ■ Specialist Referrals ■ Pet Insurance ■ Dental ■ Desexings ■ Lump Removals ■ Soft Tissue Surgery ■ Emergency Surgery ■ Opthalmic Surgery ■ Microchipping ■ Nail Clipping ■ Anal Gland Expression ■ Boarding Advice ■ Behavioural Advice ■ Nutritional Advice First Aid Care
Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic

Wellness & Vaccinations

Your role as a pet parent includes keeping your furry friend as happy and healthy as possible. We want to support you in this important mission. That’s why we’ve worked hard to develop comprehensive wellness services designed to help your pet not just survive, but thrive! Through regular physical exams, vaccinations, parasite control and more, we’ll get your loved one on the path to his or her best life.

Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic

Allergies & Dermatology

Occasional itching and shedding is normal for pets. Excessive scratching, bald spots, scabbing and other external symptoms, on the other hand, could be a sign of a dermatological problem. At Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic, we don’t want your loved one to suffer from the discomfort of a skin problem. Our professional pet allergy and dermatology services can help identify, diagnose and treat whatever may be ailing your companion.

Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic

Nutrition & Weight Management

A balanced diet and a healthy weight aren’t just something that humans need to worry about. Our animal friends can also benefit greatly from the right food and an appropriate fitness level. With so many food products to choose from, however, managing your pet’s nutrition and weight control needs can be challenging. At Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic, we understand companion animal nutrition and we can develop a customized plan that is designed just for your pet.

Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic


Because pets cannot speak and are often masters at disguising symptoms, recognizing the signs of illness or injury can be challenging. It’s times like these that we turn to veterinary diagnostics to get the answers we need. These tools allow us to examine your pet internally and get a clear picture of what may be ailing them. Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic utilizes a broad spectrum of routine and advanced techniques to achieve timely and accurate diagnoses and develop effective treatment plans.

Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic


If stinky breath is keeping you from enjoying those kisses and cuddles, it could be a sign that your companion needs a dental exam. Without regular care, buildup can form on the teeth and gums, eventually leading to other, more serious medical problems. Our professional pet dentistry services can give your loved one the clean, healthy mouth he or she deserves. Through our preventative care and advanced treatment options, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with your furry friend once again!

Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic


Finding out that your pet will need an operation can be nerve wracking. You want to be assured that your loved one will be in good hands at all times. At Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic, we want to take the worry out of your companion’s surgery. We offer a wide variety of surgical care services, from routine spays and neuters to more complex procedures. Most importantly, all of our surgeries are performed using modern equipment and techniques, with extra attention given to patient comfort and safety.


Thanks you much guys great service and easy to deal with highly recommend them.
Dylan Spicer
Earnie stitched up my girl yesterday and did a great job. I will be recommending him to friends from now on.
Nathan Thomas
Thanks Ernie and Annette for great service on Billy today make sure you’s all take your pets there.
Scott Bayliss
Ernie and Annette are very caring and kind to our pet. We wouldn’t take him anywhere else. Fantastic vet!
Julie Hughes
10/10 would highly recommend Ernie and Annette at Battery Hill Vet Clinic to everyone I meet.
Hannah Threlfall

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